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Another old BOO! collaboration with story by me and art by Manning Krull. This one was killing me in the writing phase, I loved the gag but and the premise but the piece never ended up sitting correctly. Eventually I realized the ending seemed too serious, like I had written this as a legitimate “blow your mind with that twist ending!” story when it had been meant as a gentle parody of such, so I added “DUN DUN DUNNNNHHH!” to the script, Manning did that perfect shot of the Grim Reaper, voila.

The protagonist’s name, although never used in the comic, is “Hero H. Champion, The Challenge-Beater”. The “H” stands for “Hercules, As Good As Or Better Than”

Slumberjack, from the first published BOO!HALLOWEEN STORIES many moons back. The poem, in case you can’t read this low-res copy:

Art and words by me, Calamity Jon

When you sleep and nightmares gambol
Through your dreams and cruelly scramble
Slumber dear into things queer
Which torment you with fright

Somnambulating monster shut
Your eyes with threat of murder but
Hope is near, for now look here
Comes Slumberjack, the King of Night!

Swinging fast his fabled hatchet
His steed so fast, no one can catch it
Your nightly fears are in arrears
Old Jack has heard your plight

With jabs and spears and roguish sneers
Good Jack has won this fight

Have no fear of evening villains
Slumberjack is apt at killin’
Even packs of diamondbacks
And sinister giraffes

The beast beneath your bed, Jack fears
It not at all, it’s left in tears
As in the sack filled up with tacks
Jack throws him for a laugh

And say your arms turn into snakes
Jack’s on the job! A piece of cake
To deftly hack them with his axe
And thin you down by half

He cuts and wacks you and attacks you
To trim your wheat of chaff

And if your eyes say something dire
Why, Jack would pierce them with a wire
So you needn’t peep things dark and deep
On which you wouldn’t like to peer

Such passion for your innocence
Results in worthy violence
Rwards you reap in ample heaps
Since Jack now calls you “Frere”

It’s Slumberjack, Sleep’s Dauphin
Mightier than any man
Who’ll maim to keep you safe as sheep
From dreams which end in tears

Let good dreams keep you while you sleep
For Slumberjack is near…

(Hella copyright 2003/2013 Calamity Jon Morris)

Monster Prison, a one-page Halloween comic from one of the original runs of BOO!HALLOWEEN STORIES. Script by me, art by Manning Krull.

BOO!HALLOWEEN STORIES #1 is NOW ON SALE! NINETY-NINE CENTS! THREE BRAND-NEW TALES OF TERROR AND T—-T—-I don’t know another word for “scary” that starts with “T”. Um. THREE BRAND NEW FABLES OF FEAR AND FRIGHT! There we go! Months in the making! Four ulcers in the editing! I haven’t slept for two nights owing to the anxiety. BOO!HALLOWEEN STORIES #1! Go git it!

DO NOT FORGET! BOO!HALLOWEEN STORIES de-BOOs this Thursday! The first two issues are available for pre-order now, featuring three all-new tales of terror in each issue, including stories by Kyle Starks, Matt Smigiel, Ken Lowery, David Hopkins, Leonard Pierce, RJ White, Paul Milligan, Neal von Flue, Carl J Nelson and Shawn McGuan with covers and framing sequences by yours truly, FOR A MEASLY NINETY-NINE CENTS AN ISSUE! Digital Exclusive! Just in time for Halloween! OH BOY! I’m excited! Someone call my doctor!


I’m very pleased to announce that BOO:HALLOWEEN STORIES #1 will be available on COMIXOLOGY this October! A weekly four-issue series released up through Halloween, BOO! will feature all-new horror stories by a great mix of creators. The cost? A measly 99 cents an issue! 

ISSUE ONE debuts on Thursday, October 10, and features three all-new stories by David Hopkins, Leonard Pierce, RJ White, Paul Milligan, Neal Von Flue, Carl Nelson and Matthew Warlick, plus a framing sequence, cover, editing and design by yours truly, Calamity Jon Morris!

Now you know what all these guys are about! Check in with BOO! in October to see who survives!

Here’s the last mystery figure and his other eleven compatriots! Now what?

Here’s the last mystery figure and his other eleven compatriots! Now what?

The odds seem in his favor, frankly.
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The odds seem in his favor, frankly.


(See also: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9)

What’s this now?

Don’t tell anyone I told you but … no, he doesn’t.
(See also: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8)

Don’t tell anyone I told you but … no, he doesn’t.

(See also: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8)