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The Warriors Three

I’ve read very few Thor comics and I don’t think I’ve ever read a dedicated Warriors Three comic and yet I really love these guys. There’s something intrinsically appealing about them as an idea.

Not having read any of their comics, I don’t know what they represent as gods, just that they apparently are Asgardian gods (invented for the comics, anyway). If you’ve got a few issues of Thor under your belt, you’ll have to tell me how close I get to the mark, but I’ve always imagined that they represent three related aspects of a core attitude of Norse culture.

Because Volstagg is a boisterous character so often associated with food and drink, and because what I’ve seen of the Asgardians in Marvel Comics involves a lot of drinking and feasting, I like to think that they’re the three gods who represent the preparation of game - vital in tribal hunter-gatherer cultures; Fandral is the patron god of hunters and represents the thrill of pursuit, Hogun is the god of butchers and represents the grim business of killing and preparing the meat, and Volstagg is the god of feasts who represents the high spirits and generosity of plenitude.

Likewise, they could very well be the patrons of fighting men - Fandral the spirit of camaraderie, Hogun the obligation of duty, and Volstagg the lord of fellowship. Could be both, of course, gods usually represented more than one cultural value … but I like the meat-eatin’ one up there better, if I had to choose.

Anyway, this all might be a little too First Year Humanities of me, to be fair, I really don’t know. I do love these little guys, though … 

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