Since the Tumblr account I’ve been using for the last couple of years is largely dedicated to promoting or celebrating the works of other people, I’ve started this Tumblr account specifically to showcase my own art- and designwork.

You can visit my personal homepage at Calamity Jon Save Us!


Some grainy cameraphone photos of pages from a long-abandoned project. I dug out the box for this thing last night to take an inventory of exactly how far along I’d gotten (pretty far, although not a lot of sequential pages - these are related to the tree drawings I posted a couple of days ago). It’s a living death to return to an unfinished project, but it’s not like I have any new ideas lately? I just drag these out and take inventory every now and again, “Oh yeah, I used to be pretty good at this stuff.” Enh, well.

Fun fact: The page in the top-most photo was the page which got a Famous Cartoonist (who shall remain nameless for the purposes of this story) to stop treating me like a fuckin’ jerk alla time. “That — that LINEWORK!” he stammered over my shoulder. Before that, he was always putting my stuff down or blowing me off. Well, so cartooning’s good for somethin’, I guess …

I keep forgetting that I illustrated an alternate cover for BOOM!/Kaboom!’s Regular Show comic (No.11). It went on sale last week, I think, so most shops ought to still have a copy …

Had a couple of costume redesigns I’d had in my head for a while, decided to whip them up last night. Above is Alpha Flight’s Puck, below is what is maybe a second- or third-generation Daredevil (If you’re curious about the holster, i picture it as a nearly-silent air-powered pistol. Thought it’d be neat to have some more weapons on the guy…)

Sent off the first two commissions last week, hope to have another three out in the mail later today!

Still my favorite things I’ve ever drawn. (Opening panels from an unfinished comic I had undertaken, Zayde Todt)

Digging up some old original monster illustrations I must’ve done seven years ago, now. Always meaning to pick it back up, the Monster Manual and Fiend Folio were always my favorite part of any role-playing game…

(Someone asked if they had names - most do, I added ‘em as captions)


BOO!Halloween Stories is a digital-only horror comics anthology which will be having its second volume this year. You can see last year’s volume here.

Owing to schedule conflicts, we’re shy a couple of artists for this year’s volume. If you’re interested in participating (illustrating a Halloween/Horror-themed story between three and six pages, due at the end of July), please drop me a line at I’ll get back to all applicants after the weekend with more information.

Thanks folks!


Hey all - I don’t offer to do commissions all that often, but I’ve run into one of those family emergencies that seem to happen to every freelancer right about the same time that the paying work slows down. 

I’m currently making available ten slots for new commissions. Email me at to reserve a spot.

All commissions are black-and-white, pen and marker on 8.5”x11” white cardstock paper. Prices include shipping within Canada and the USA:

Single character black and white : $40 ($10 each additional character) 

Half-Pint Heroes black and white/gray spot color: $25 ($5 each additional character) 

WHUPS! All ten slots are filled! Sorry folks, catch me in a couple weeks and I may do this again! Thanks all!


The sample pieces above are also for sale, I’ll be listing them on my Etsy store later today, or you can email me to reserve any of them. 

Hoppy the Marvel Bunny: $50
Half-Pint Power Man and Iron Fist: $30
Black Lightning: $40
The Question: $40

Thanks folks!

I spent last night harassing my Twitter followers with camera-phone shots of 90’s Superman doodles. Doomsday really is a disaster of a character design, I can’t help but get rid of half the guff…

Black and white Big Barda I drew up for Zack Soto, part of an art trade we arranged like two years ago (!!)