Since the Tumblr account I’ve been using for the last couple of years is largely dedicated to promoting or celebrating the works of other people, I’ve started this Tumblr account specifically to showcase my own art- and designwork.

You can visit my personal homepage at Calamity Jon Save Us!

Twitter: CalamityJon


Metamorpho (sort of)

What am I even …

Capping off my Sandwichsona experiment with a Sandwich Warrior. 


Now here I am as a club sandwich. I have pickle arms.


Over the last few months, I’ve seen folks start memes for Witchsonas, Elfsonas, Mersonas and Dragonsonas - drawings by the artist of the artist as all sorts of fanciful mythical creatures. 

Well, I’d like to start one of my own. I’d like to start a parade of … SANDWICHSONAS.

Here I am … as a burger.

Mister Miracle!

The original art for this piece is currently for sale on my Etsy shop.

I participated in Art Drop Day, although I only dropped off my final piece on Wednesday night. I’ve left envelopes containing the three happy little TV guys in the top image at locations in Redmond and Seattle WA. If you can find ‘em, they’re all yours!

They’ve been hidden in locations at:

  1. Value Village, Redmond WA (Clue: Paul has something up his sleeve)
  2. Target, Redmond WA (Clue: Parked behind the Gotham Raceway)
  3. An undisclosed location, Seattle WA (although I’m sure you’ll recognize the picture, if you’ve ever been there. Clue: The picture is safe in the arms - or behind the frame, really - of Peep Jesus)

If you happen to find any of the pieces, let me know! Good hunting!

The Joker (01/13)

Lobo the Duck

The ol’ Amalgam Comics character, drawn by request. The original art for this image is available at my Etsy shop.

For Jack Kirby’s birthday, I sketched some Sandman illustrations, including some minor redesigns for Sandman’s sidekicks Brute and Glob. The bottom image is a resketch of this panel. Although, drawings aside, I have a preferred way to celebrate Kirby Day:

Anyway, see what weirdies I’ve dreamed up for YOU!

  • Gone&Forgotten this week covers How Many Ways Can A Robin Die?, Dell’s nuclear-powered superhero Nukla, and Super-Luck, the super-hero who fraps himself to success!
  • Recorded a new episode of Just One More Thing last night with guest Mallory Ortberg, check out the preview here.
  • I forgot to update The Chronological Superman this week, so … nothin’ new there! Maybe it’s a good time to mention that Gone&Forgotten has a daily-updating Tumblr too, tho!
  • I just joined Storify, where you can see this week’s Tweets of the Week

Meanwhile, the Postcard Project runs til the end of December, so you still have plenty of time to hop on. I’ve been really enjoying picking up the letters (from all over the world!) and I’d love to get even more, so hop on board!

Also currently trying to raise some money to pay recent medical bills, so if you have a moment to check out my books on Gumroad, prints on Society6 and original art on Etsy, that would be super! Thanks y’all!

Doodled a couple more X-Mans. That’s Cole Oyl up top, and Madrox the Multiple Man below…