Since the Tumblr account I’ve been using for the last couple of years is largely dedicated to promoting or celebrating the works of other people, I’ve started this Tumblr account specifically to showcase my own art- and designwork.

You can visit my personal homepage at Calamity Jon Save Us!

Twitter: CalamityJon


The first few pieces I’ve posted to my Society6 shop. Art will be forthcoming, but I always wanted prints with these spinner rack topper signs on it, so I went ahead and made em! PS I dare someone to buy the duvet cover

I’ve just sent the first batch of postcard sketches back out to their original senders. Also swung by the post office this morning and picked up another six packages! I’m not sure how many I’ll end up with at the end of the project - I’m hoping for at least a hundred, we’ll see what happens. In the meantime, I’ll keep working on the project up through the end of the year, join in and spread the word!

I haven’t done a recap for a while, so: Straight from the mean streets of Calamity Town …

  • Tons of new entries on Gone&Forgotten, including lady space heroes, Batman fighting giant bees, a world of Supergirl’s own, Richie Rich’s time-travelling pal Timmy Time, some light busting on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman and a lot more!

  • Loads on new entries on The Chronological Superman as well, including the funnybook debut of Mister Mxyztplk, Jimmy Olsen becoming king of a foreign land, and I finally got to write a little about one of my favorite Superman writers, Alvin Schwartz. 

  • New stuff up in the Etsy store and discounted prices on some of the older pieces. I’ve also opened a Gumroad shop for minis and pamphlets, and started a Society6 store (No art there right now, but it’s forthcoming. In the meantime, I inaugurated it with some classic comic advertising I always wanted to own in print form)

  • Recorded the first episode of a new podcast this week! I’m looking forward to announcing it, so stay tuned!

I think that’s it, thanks folks!

Happy Batman Day!

(The above is one of several Batman-related pieces of original art currently up for sale, cheap, at my Etsy shop. Help a pal buy a burger whydon’tcha?)

Just got back from the Post Office with the first stack of letters and postcards for the Free Sketch Project

(Which, by the way, reminds me: I don’t have an actual name for this project, I just didn’t think of one - if you have any ideas, reply with the little word balloon-y thing below or send me an idea via the Ask box!)

I’m pacing myself - I’ve opened one so far, and in lieu of a postcard, it included a really wonderful letter from a terrific human being named Lena. Thanks Lena! 

I’ll check the box again on Friday, and remember I’ll keep accepting postcards up through the end of the year, so there’s plenty of time to write in. (Also, don’t forget to send the postcards in an envelope - if you just send a postcard, I can’t send those back! The postage gets cancelled and, y’know, it’s addressed to me!

I’ll have the first set of sketches out this week, and I’ll share those with you when they’re done. Thanks everyone! This is already really rewarding!



I’m giving this a reblog, just to remind folks closer to the weekend. I’ll be heading down to the post office this weekend, so hopefully on Monday I’ll have some postcards and sketches to share with you!

I’ve just started a Gumroad store, and I’ve launched it by making the Important Facts From Leading Scientists Foundation Of The Earth Blue Series booklets available for download - all four for four clams! Neighbor, that’s a ganga!

These aren’t comics, by the way - well, “How Dolphins Have Sex” is a comic, I suppose, but the others are illustrated informational pamphlets. So now you know! Check ‘em out!

If I sent some postcards, would it be okay to send some very small items in it as well? I feel that i should share some of my own neat stuff if you share your art :0
calamityjonsaveus calamityjonsaveus Said:

I would be delighted, that would be exceptionally kind of you! Please feel free to send along something with the postcards, if you’d like!

You are THE best. I love your free sketches initiative! I'm from Argentina, can I send you a couple? I love thissssssssssssssss
calamityjonsaveus calamityjonsaveus Said:

Absolutely! And thanks!

Hi Jon! I just saw your postcard project (awesome idea by the way!), and I have a silly question: is it ok if it's outside the US? I guessed it should be no problem since the postcard would be already stamped but... well, I jest felt like asking as I get worried about all sorts of stuff :D Cheers!
calamityjonsaveus calamityjonsaveus Said:

Howdy! It’s absolutely okay to send stuff from outside the US! Just make sure you have sufficient postage to get the postcard back to wherever you’re from ( has an international postage calculator here, it looks like it’s $1.15 to send your average int’l postcard) 


I’ve had this project in mind for a while now, and there’s a few reasons I’m finally pulling the trigger on it today. For one thing, it’s my birthday, and I like to do nice things for folks on my birthday, so … free art, right? That seems nice.

The other reason is I’ve been sitting on this useless P.O.Box for a year now. When my dad died a while back, I was made the executor of his estate. I set up this box to handle all the necessary correspondence, and my trips to the post office were just the most depressing parts of my week - it was all bills, notices, legal documents, subscriptions I had to cancel, porn (my dad sure loved porn!), mail from his lawyers and accountants and such. All of these reminders twice or three times a week that my dad was dead, which kept making me miserable even months after he passed away.

That poor P.O.Box was just brimming with depressed negativity, I figure, and I wanted to do something positive to clean out all the bad juju before I gave it up and let some other poor sap have it. So now I’m inviting everyone from anywhere in the world to send a postcard to that address and get a free sketch in return! It’ll be a cleansing exercise … you know, for the post office box, y’see.

Feel free to share this post and spread it around!